No one likes to hear the infamous drip, drip, drip of a leak – be it from a faulty faucet, clogged sink, or damaged roof. Water falling from ceilings or walls is the most destructive form of leak damage since it can quickly turn from a minor water problem into something that can potentially ruin porous building materials like your drywall, plaster, and masonry. 

A roof that absorbs moisture can lead to a series of unfortunate deterioration for your walls and ceilings, resulting in the following damages to your home: 

1. Water Leaks can Harbor Moisture 

Whether the leak is due to plumbing or roofing problems, any form of water damage can compromise your home’s structural integrity. Once the walls or ceiling traps moisture, it can quickly turn your living space into an optimal breeding ground for mold growth. 

Keep in mind that leaks originating from the roof experience intensive damage as the water goes through contaminants that can facilitate mold infestation. On the other hand, a water leak from supply lines is generally cleaner, though it can be equally dangerous as it increases the risk of flooding the house when left untreated. 

2. Water Leaks from Walls or Ceilings can Contaminate the Building 

As mentioned above, water that seeps through drywall, plaster, masonry, or other porous materials contain contaminants that can pollute the water that enters your home. Restoration companies will have to completely break down and replace these materials, particularly since disinfecting these porous materials will be nearly impossible. 

You can avoid encountering this expensive repair job by applying antifungal treatments to your building materials, saving you the costly consequence of tearing down the ceiling or walls if it experiences Category Two or Category Three water damage. 

3. Water Leaks can Saturate the Walls and Ceilings 

Beyond trapping contaminated water into the walls and ceilings, leaks can also saturate the porous building materials, which can soften the plaster. This can quickly deteriorate the structure as the plaster walls expand as a result, resulting in weaker structural integrity and the appearance of cracks. 

The Bottom Line: Knowing What Happens to Your Home if You Ignore Water Leaks

No one likes to deal with water leaks, but spotting signs of water damage in your walls or ceilings require immediate attention. The restoration process can be more complex depending on the severity of the damage, not to mention it can also burn holes in your pocket as identifying water leaks in your walls or ceilings may require a full replacement. 

How Can We Help Restore Your Home?

Dealing with faulty plumbing or water leaks can do extensive and expensive damages to your home if the problem is left unattended. 

It’s crucial to spot the tell-tale signs of water damage before it wreaks further havoc to your property, so it’s crucial to put a reliable damage restoration company in New York on speed dial to put a lid on your leak issues 24/7. 

Get in touch with us and see what we can do to clean up the mess in your home after experiencing water damage.