It is considered common knowledge about how mold could grow all over the place, especially when there are areas in your house that are moist and are hard to clean. If left uncleaned, mold could cause allergic reactions when touched! However, it is even more dangerous to one’s health when inhaled—proving to be catastrophic for those unfortunate enough to accidentally breathe it in.

If you find yourself allergic to mold, you should make sure that your house is free of it, mainly since you could easily suffer from more intense reactions, such as shortness of breath and skin rashes. Here below are a few tips that might help you on how you can get your mold removed and when you should contact residential or commercial restoration services:

Finding The Mold

If you see the mold immediately, then it should be easy enough to deal with. However, if you suspect that there is mold underlying in your home and it’s not immediately apparent, then the best thing that you can do is search in the common areas that mold can grow on.

You should also keep in mind that mold can only grow on moist surfaces, which is why you can find them in the following:

  • The area surrounding your refrigerator;
  • In between and around stacks of paper and cardboard;
  • The space between the drywall;
  • The space around a sink;
  • In and around ventilation ducts; and
  • Any area in your home that is subject to moisture due to rain.

However, it is also possible to find molds that are not visible. A lot of the time, mold can grow on surfaces without being visible—which is why mold test kits have been created to seek them out to properly purge them. 

There are different types of mold testing kits, with one of the most common ones requiring you to get a sample from a surface. You could also find mold test kits that are made to test the air that you are breathing, although the entire process could take a couple of days to complete.

Finding A Suitable Mold Remover

One of the most common and natural methods to remove mold is by using baking soda. 

Using baking soda is important, especially if you’ve already gotten rid of the visible mold and you end up having to thoroughly sanitize the surface. Aside from that, you should also try hiring a mold removal team to guarantee a clean and mold-free home.

If you’re looking for a suitable mold removing team, then it might be a good idea to look into their background. Learning more about a company’s reputation will allow you to either trust them or give you a chance to find a different and better company. You should also expect that it could be a bit pricey, but that’s natural considering that they are trained to thoroughly get rid of any hazardous mold in your home!


Mold is never an easy thing to get rid of, which is why you need to have a better understanding of it from the onset. As dangerous as it sounds, it is not as scary as it may seem, especially considering that you can easily get rid of it using many different methods. Don’t be intimidated; get rid of that pesky mold now, and secure the safety of you and your family right away!

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