Compared to the other different experiences that you may have, plumbing emergencies often make for the most troublesome problems in a home because of their implications.

Often defined as an expensive, smelly, and dangerous situation, a plumbing problem is just as unpredictable as it is inconvenient. In fact, this is the same problem that causes all sorts of trouble for New York homeowners and millions in expenses. Unfortunately, most plumbing problems can’t be predicted in advance like other issues, which only add to the trouble which comes with it.

However, there’s one specific way that you can make an unpredictable plumbing issue even worse: being unprepared once the emergency comes along.

What you should do during a plumbing emergency

When it comes to handling an unexpected plumbing emergency, you should come prepared as soon as it pops up because early action will make a world of difference. Considering that costs and problems only compile every minute, it pays to be proactive with your emergency actions.

Once you understand that time is of the essence with every minute of your home is exposed to water, burst pipes, and other issues at hand, you’ll prevent more damage, especially if you keep these safety pointers in mind: 

Tip #1: Shut off the water supply first

Whether you’re dealing with a minor leak or a flood, you must always first shut your water off before doing anything else. It may seem like such a simple task to do during a plumbing emergency, but the truth is that doing so can make a difference between saving tens of thousands of dollars and spending the same amount. By taking the time to shut everything off once you spot a problem brewing, you can quickly prevent further damage to your fixtures and pipes! 

Tip #2: Shut off the electricity 

Hand-in-hand with the first tip, turning your electrical circuits off during a plumbing emergency, especially during a flood, will ensure that you don’t end up experiencing additional issues and potential safety threats. Once you see your flood levels start to rise, you’ll need to carefully rush to your circuit breaker and switch off your power supply in the meantime before emergency help arrives and sorts your problem out! 

Tip #3: Move your possessions out of harm’s way

In any plumbing emergency, it’s critical to take care of yourself and others in your home and also any other possessions that may be affected. Whether it’s a rug that’s about to get soaked, a collection of antique silverware that may end up getting stained, valuable photos, or top-quality electronics, it’s best to move your stuff out of the way!

Tip #4: Restore after everything settles down

Often, plumbing and flooding issues grow worse over time when they aren’t properly acted on with a follow-up restoration job, making it vital to enlist the services of an expert ASAP. Once the flood settles, getting an expert like Yellow Restoration to work on your house as soon as possible helps remedy any existing problems and prevent any further damage from popping up long after the flood!


Dealing with an immense flood or plumbing problem is never an easy experience because of the problems that arise, but taking the right approach can make a world of difference. By following the four tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to prevent any further issues from popping up so that you can live comfortably again! 

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