The excitement of the holidays has well and truly arrived. Just look at everybody going into a flurry of activity with decorations being placed in homes and commercial buildings! As fun and beautiful as these decorations are, they’re also one of the most dangerous potential fire hazards you have in your home. It doesn’t stop there, either. Consider your heating systems, fireplaces, and extra holiday cooking and baking marathons, all of which can cause significant damage. The last thing you want is for your holiday to end badly on top of an already stressful year. 

Still, one must accept the possibility of facing a fire, but trust that it’s possible to come out safe on the other side, including your damaged home. Disaster and restoration services in Brooklyn can ensure that you and your family can get back on your feet with a fully restored house and start the New Year right even after a tragedy.

Prevention Is Key

Taking the necessary precautions during the winter months is crucial to preventing a flame from spreading. Here are some things to keep in mind as the last stretch of the year approaches to keep your home as fireproof as possible. 

1. Minimize the Use of Candles

Candles are perhaps the most dangerous items in your house during the holidays since they’re responsible for more than half of decoration fires. Homeowners should take care to place candles at least a couple of feet away from anything that burns easily. This means no candles by the windowsill, Christmas tree, and other holiday decorations. Candles should also be kept well out of the reach of children and pets. And lastly, ensure that you put out all candles before going to sleep. 

2. Be Cautious When Cooking

This season is full of cooking to celebrate various holidays. In true holiday fashion, some people may cook up a flurry to get everything ready for the numerous dinner parties that will be held. Being scatterbrained can lead to careless mistakes, such as leaving a stove on with a towel near it or leaving the kitchen with something in the oven without running a timer. Prepare your cooking plan beforehand to avoid chaos in the kitchen and possible accidents that might lead to calling for expert restoration services after a kitchen fire. 

3. Watch Your Fryer 

For many people, turkey is part of the holiday tradition and is best cooked in an oven or a fryer for a crisper, more golden version. Keep a watchful eye on the entire turkey cooking process, making sure that your bird is fully thawed and dried before dousing it with oil. It’s best to do this outside your home, away from the house, garage, and porch. If the fryer begins to smoke, then turn it off immediately and be ready with a fire extinguisher.

4. Safeguard Your Tree

If you celebrate with a Christmas tree, then you need to fireproof it and the area it’s in as much as possible. Be sure to keep it away from anything that could start a fire, such as candles, your heater, radiator, and hot lights. When stringing lights onto your tree, use only decorative ones that are safe for indoor use. Don’t forget to water your tree until you take it down unless you have a synthetic alternative, of course.

5. Be Careful With Outdoor Decorations

Many people ignore instructions for holiday lights, a habit that can cost thousands of dollars in restoration because of an unintended fire. Using lights that aren’t meant for the outdoors could risk starting a fire on your roof, one that’s much more difficult to stop given that it’s out of reach. By the time you get to the flames, it may already be too late, which could compromise the entire household’s safety. 

The Bottom Line

Fires are absolutely terrifying, and they can make your holiday seem like the end of the world. Hold onto the reality that not all hope is lost since your insurance will be able to help you with the damages as well as a reputable residential restoration service in Brooklyn. The process may be painful, but with these companies and services behind you, getting back on your feet in time to celebrate the New Year won’t be too far out of sight.

Knowing the right residential or commercial restoration in Brooklyn to reach out to in the event of a house fire is the quickest way for you to restore your building. Here at Yellow Restoration, we operate a 24/7 disaster damage restoration service in New York. Call us today for smoke and fire damage restoration and our other services!