And just like that, it’s winter season again. This means the holidays are coming up, and there are new household mishaps you should start to prevent early on, especially if you have gatherings and celebrations in your homes. 

While it could be all fun and games when you spend time and celebrate the holiday season at home, there are some water damage issues that you should be aware of and be careful about. 

Before inviting guests over to your home, it’s best to give your house a thorough inspection and hire a company offering residential restoration services to deal with any water damage. This way, you’ll get to prevent any water damage from spoiling your holiday festivities. 

If you’re getting your house ready for the festive season, keep reading. Below are some common guest-related winter water damage mishaps that could happen to your home. So start making a list of common water emergencies and checking your house twice! You don’t want any of these disasters to happen while your guests are around. 

1. Appliance-related accidents

When you have guests over in your home, they’ll want to help you with household work as much as possible. This means washing the dishes, doing some laundry, and even helping out with the cooking. 

Because of that, ensure that you take the time to explain how each of your appliances works, especially since not all dishwashers, washing machines, and other similar appliances work the same.

By giving your guests a quick appliance lesson, you’ll be able to prevent disasters like floods, plumbing issues, and appliance errors, saving you more time and money. 

2. Plumbing-related issues

When you have a bunch of guests in your home, you’ll have more people taking showers and using the bathroom more than usual. With that comes plumbing-related issues like backed-up toilets, clogged pipes, and reduced water pressure. 

Besides that, the winter season can affect your pipework. With much lower environmental temperatures, your pipes may end up getting frozen, expand, and even crack. This will often lead to leaks and flooding in your floors and even the walls of your home. 

All these problems could lead to significant water damage and ultimately put you and your guests at risk of exposing yourselves to health hazards. And for this reason, it’s best to have residential restoration services handle these issues to prevent these types of mishaps. 

3. Minor flooding

One of the things that could happen in your home when you have guests over is you may experience a bit of minor flooding. This usually happens when kids play with the water fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen and let the water flow out of the sink or in the tub.

Sometimes, minor flooding can also come from soaking wet snow clothes, excess pool water, and leaving water hoses on. Because of this, make sure you remind the kids to be responsible about how they handle water to help avoid unnecessary flooding, which is also a waste of water.


Preventing any of these common winter water damage mishaps from happening will help you have an enjoyable festive season with your loved ones. You can do that by following these tips and calling residential restoration services to help you with existing issues and prevent ones from happening during your celebrations. 

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