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Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Services


Fire can be especially damaging to a home or commercial property because there is also secondary water damage, heat, smoke and soot damage that all has to be addressed in the restoration process. Air quality is often equally as damaging as the water used to put out the fire.

The true goal of fire damage restoration services is to salvage damaged items and restore your home, apartment, or business so that it can be inhabited safely.  By acting fast and hiring a fire damage restoration service, you can get your life back on track faster and safer.

The first thing that needs attention is determining whether the fire has destabilized the structural foundation. Our team will determine the extent of the damage for you. To prevent any additional damage, we will also:

  • Board Up Missing Walls
  • Cover Windows
  • Secure Doors
  • Tarp The Roof
  • Minimize Odor

In the meanwhile, we’ll clean up the water damage and then move on to cleaning the smoke and soot from all surfaces and ductwork.  Then we’ll come up with a plan to reconstruct the burnt out portions of your home or office. Our restoration contractors can have everything looking brand new as quickly as possible.

Our  technicians know the proper cleaning techniques and materials needed to remove soot and smoke from a home or commercial property.  Yellow Restoration is here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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