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Water Damage Restoration


Water gives us life but it can also be very destructive. Water that originates from a broken or burst pipe or water line, coming in contact with any item in the house that’s made out of an organic material can do immense damage to your property and cause black mold, even over the short term. That’s why timing is so critical. The longer you wait to call for help, the more damage is being done. The problem is not just the water you see, it’s the water you don’t see, which can be absorbed by flooring, carpeting, furniture, baseboard and sheetrock. Water left behind from a poor clean up can be the perfect breeding ground for many different types of mold that can seriously affect respiration and overall health. Our professional technicians are there to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. First they’ll contain the water and then they’ll start the clean up process using state of the art equipment to collect it—even the water you don’t see. Once everything is dry, clean, water’s extracted and room is humidified, we can begin any construction work, restoring things like hardwood floors, molding and drywall walls so your home looks as good as new.

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