You have a lot of adversaries when it comes to keeping your home’s structure sturdy and in good shape. One of your toughest enemies is water—because even the smallest amount can cause significant damage to your home if left unaddressed. 

There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to water damage. It could be leaky roofs or pipes, or even a worn-out water heater. Moreover, the problem doesn’t end with soaked furniture or damp flooring. Usually, you’ll also have to deal with mold growth.

To save yourself from all of the stress involved in damage restoration, you need to know how to identify trouble areas and take the necessary preventive measures. Before the water could make its way to your home and wreak havoc, follow these tips: 


1. Regularly Inspect Your Toilet Tanks 

Starting with your toilets is a smart idea because you are not only protecting your home from water damage but also preventing the possibility of water wastage. Leaks in your toilet can waste up to a hundred gallons of water every day. 

If you don’t see any pooling around your toilet, you can try this simple test: drop some food coloring into the tank and wait for a few minutes. You will know if there’s leaking if the color starts to appear in the bowl as well. 

For any signs of a leak and other problems, get in touch with professionals to have your toilet repaired as soon as possible. 


2. Check Your Washing Machine Hoses 

Aside from toilets, incoming washing machine hoses can also cause water damage in your home. 

Remember that these hoses receive constant pressure throughout the day. This prolonged exposure naturally weakens their structure over time and causes them to burst if their limit is reached. When they do, your residence can easily become flooded in just a matter of hours.  

Along with their regular maintenance, it’s a smart idea to turn the hose valves on and off to regulate the water pressure. Make sure that you replace them every five years, or depending on its condition and the manufacturer’s instructions. 


3. Inspect The Area Around Your Appliances For Leaks 

Certain appliances like refrigerators can also cause water damage to their surrounding area and the flooring underneath them. That said, you should regularly move your unit and inspect the area for any sign of leak or damage. Moreover, don’t push your refrigerator back to the wall; allow at least a three-inch gap to support adequate ventilation and keep the unit functioning properly. 

Another appliance worth checking is your dishwasher. Ensure that the water line connections are properly attached to the dishwasher and that there are no drips. If you find any issue, replace damaged water lines promptly to avoid serious water damage. 


4. Maintain Your Roof and Gutters 

Roof leaks cause significant damage to your home’s structural integrity as well as the quality of furniture inside your home. To prevent these, it’s a smart idea to maintain your gutters and downspouts regularly—even if you aren’t experiencing any particular problems. You should also have your roof checked for missing shingles or granules. Doing so prolongs the life of your roof and allows you to address issues in its early stages. 


5. Perform Checks on Your Boiler and Radiator Systems

Boiler and radiator heating systems work by cycling heated water throughout your home, keeping the interior at a comfortable temperature. They’re considered closed systems, but when proper maintenance is neglected, you could find yourself dealing with water damage resulting from a leak. Have your heating system professionally checked every year, preferably before the season you’ll need it the most. Doing so will save you from dealing with home damage.

While preventing destruction is always better than dealing with the consequences, water damage can occur when you least expect it. The moment you realize you’re dealing with a bigger issue, get in touch with the experts and let them handle it. 



Protecting your home from water damage requires you to be proactive. You must always be vigilant when it comes to signs of leaks so that every problem can be addressed promptly. At first, you will find that this requires a lot of work. However, you should know that all of these efforts are not in vain as you get to protect that space you and your family love. 

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