Water can cause great damage very quickly. Whether it is because of storms, hurricanes, or even sewer issues. Water damage is a headache for homeowners that is why it’s important to call a professional immediately. How prepared, are you in the event you have a water leak? Do you have a water restoration service you can call? Yellow Restoration is at your service 24/7 to help you cope up with emergency issues like – Floors damaged by flooding. All you need is to call us.


What happens to the floors, exactly? 

The damage caused by this flooding can be hard to deal with as there will be a lot of replacing and repairing. Different floor types may respond differently to flood water. Flooring is the base of any space and needs to be in the best condition. After flooding the shine of the floors will be dull, flooring will become damaged and might lose strength make the floor unable to support the weight of those who walk across. If flooding is caused by a bad sewer system, then many unwanted guests will make way to your house like to have bacteria. Yellow Restoration can assist you with the preparation and way to recover from this bad scenario.


Discard the damaged or infected floor

Our technicians will inspect the flooring to see if it can be salvaged. If it is not advisable to keep the flooring, we inform our customers immediately.  However, sometimes hard surfaces just require disinfecting which allows us to save the floor. If you have vinyl floors, hardwood floors, carpet flooring, laminate floors, or subfloor replacement then your space is going to experience some serious contamination. We would recommend removing this flooring away. Water-proof adhesive or tiles are often moisture resistant and can make a comeback within 24 hours. All floorings will react differently and if possible, they will take their own time to get lifted after being damaged by flooding.


What is important to know?

Your house must be waterproof and have preventative measures to escape with minimal damage from flooding. But, no one can prevent natural disasters, so it is best to be prepared. No matter the flooding scenario – Yellow Restoration will do what’s necessary to remove water and salvage your flooring. Also, we will make sure your space is disinfected.


You can keep us on your emergency list and call us quickly should a flooding emergency arise. Stay safe and be alert for these water hazards. Reach us at (888) 811-1448.